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Jude Sibley is fearless - touring challenging works in a time when audiences are hard to come by, rather than relying on old favourites; the ballet community in Ireland would be much richer if this company could afford to present work on a more frequent basis.
Diarmuid O'Meara, Dance Europe; July 2012

A sheer viewing pleasure to the audience and the detail suggests the intelligent and innovative work that Chrysalis Dance Company is capable of producing. This performance left me breathless throughout, clearly pushing the boundaries of classical ballet. The dancer's intense facial expressions and imposing stage presence will accompany me for a while, as a source of inspiration and respect.
Jasbelly, Big Rock Candy Mountain

An exhilarating crescendo of group movement….. a wonderfully evocative score…. achieving a riveting dialogue with the soundscape
Dance Europe

Incredibly accessible.....exceptionally well put together
Galway Independent

Consistently visually arresting....the fluid motion of the dancers was spectacular
Athlone Voice

Strings opens with a burst and exuberance rarely seen in Irish dance....dancers swirl and leap across the stage
Irish Emigrant Online

One truly has to admire Sibley and her company of dancers for their ambition, their commitment, their creative energy and their drive in creating a successful full length evening work
Dance Europe

Nurture is an interestingly sensual duet, performed with intensity.
Irish Examiner.

Chrysalis Dance's neo-classical style of ballet is appealing in that it is ecclectic and stylish, there is an ease and a joyousness in the dancers.
Irish Examiner

Andrea Santato's solo was performed with a wonderfully calm precision of line that was playfully interrupted by quirky phrases of undulating motion.
Dance Europe

What clearly shone through over the course of the evening was an infectious enthusiasm and admirable commitment to the creation of new work. In Sibley's pieces there is evidence of an emerging choreographic voice that merits continued support.
Dance Europe

It's a total load of nonsense, and full of charm quirky and delightful.
Emer O'Kelly, Sunday Independent

Very, very funny...
...deserves to be returned to a much wider audience and is unreservedly recommended if it does.
The performances from both actors and dancers were consistently excellent, their enjoyment palpable. My fellow wedding-guests tapped their hands and, occasionally, stole a few lines. It is a rare example of feel-good theatre, precisely the sort of production that a festival programme needs.

Connor Maguire, Tuam Herald

Hugely entertaining and imaginative...
Maher's cleverly plotted and briskly paced script packs in twists, turns, and laughs a plenty...
...the actors and dancers combine to terrific effect.

Charlie McBride, Galway Advertiser



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