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Connect For

Connect For

Choreography: Judith Sibley
Music: Jesse Ronneau

Paul Hayes
Costumes: Sheelagh Hayes
Stage Manager: Paul Killoran
Lighting Design: - Pat O'Reilly
Assistant: Leighton Morrison
Administrator: Sheelagh Hayes

Amy Lawson
Sanna Eriksson Ryg
Joanne Klijn
Leighton Morrison
Andrea Santato
Judith Sibley

Connect For is a contemporary ballet created for five talented classically trained dancers and inspired by a specially commissioned score by daring composer Jesse Ronneau, whose work is characterised by an exploration of advanced instrumental techniques. With arresting visual images, this 20 minute ballet pushes the boundaries of ballet technique, working against alignment and juxtaposing the modern and classical styles. The choreography highlights the physical abilities unique to each dancer, their individual movement style and maximises the use of pointe work to enhance the overall complex mathematical timing and layering.

There is a fine balance between solo, duet and ensemble work within the structure of the composition. Compelling images of insects, aliens, itchiness, fitting, exaggerated breathing unsettle the audience and work in harmony and counterpoint with the challenging score. The work is also extremely beautiful and lyrical at times and was physically rather than intellectually conceived.

‘ An exhilarating crescendo of group movement', .....' a wonderfully evocative score',....' achieving a riveting dialogue with the soundscape ',
Dance Europe.



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