Chrysalis Dance Chrysalis Dance

3 Piece Suite

Choreography - Judith Sibley, Tanya McCrory and Leighton Morrison
Music - Jesse Ronneau, Charles Aznavour and Gabriel Yared
Producer - Paul Hayes
Costumes - Sheelagh Hayes
Stage Manager - Paul Killoran
Lighting Design - Pat O'Reilly
Administrator - Sheelagh Hayes
Dancers - Amy Lawson, Sanna Eriksson Ryg , Joanne Klijn, Leighton Morrison, Andrea Santato.

3 Piece Suite', is an exciting triple bill incorporating three very different world premiers, Turn Out The Stars, The Other Way and Connect For. For this production the company are performing three very varied pieces of work created by three very different choreographers.

‘3 Piece Suite', features an international cast of exceptional dance artists from Ireland, the UK, Italy and Norway

Turn Out The Stars, is choreographed by guest choreographer Tanya McCrory. It is a quirky and playful exploration of life's everyday wonders.

The Other Way is inspired by the beautiful music of Gabriel Yared and Charles Aznavour and is a nostalgic lament on how life often passes us by as we are looking the other way. This piece is choreographed by Chrysalis's principal dancer Leighton Morrison.

Connect For is based on the complexities of human interaction - how we form relationships - the reasons we are drawn to some and not to others - and those moments when we choose to connect with each other, or not.

Featuring original music from daring composer Jesse Ronneau, whose work is characterised by an exploration of advanced instrumental techniques, this piece is choreographed by Chrysalis Dance Company's Artistic Director, Judith Sibley.



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