Chrysalis Dance Chrysalis Dance

Slings & Arrows (2013)

Choreography: Theo Clinkard and Judith Sibley
Producer: Paul Hayes
Composer: David Leahy and Vivaldi

Technical Manager: Mike Byrne
Production Manager: Paul Killoran
Admin: Sheelagh Hayes


Jane Magan
Joanne Klijn
Andrea Santato
Stephanie Dufresne
Tylor Deyn
Cruz Reyes

Chrysalis Dance presents a thrilling new double-bill 'Slings and Arrows'.

This double bill promises to be a visceral feast for the senses. The audience will be brought on a poignant and emotional journey where the company will demonstrate their incredible versatility.

Bow and Arrow

Bow And Arrow, is a new dance work for six dancers and a live cello score.

A stripped back series of movement studies that portray the complex dynamics of human partnerships. Laying bare the anatomy of life shared.

A work comprised of intimate duets that physically interpret a range of universal themes and emotional states that underpin our connections to one another. The tension, support, harmony and discourse that constitute the fabric of any partnership will be brought to life through challenging, visceral and virtuosic choreography and nuanced and mature performances.

Symphony in Sync

Symphony in Sync, set to Vivaldi’s sublime Concerto, is a visual spectacle of movement, based on the contrasting elements of Winter and Summer. This dynamic ballet explores shape and form, responding to the intricacies of Vivaldi’s powerful score.

Ireland’s only neo-classical dance company have firmly established themselves as a cutting-edge company, revolutionising classical ballet and fusing exquisite technical ability with modern, accessible themes.



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