Chrysalis Dance Chrysalis Dance

Ways You Wander (2009)

Ways You Wander - 2009

Fusing the grace and elegance of classical ballet with the red hot energy of contemporary dance Chrysalis presents a dynamic triple bill of unrivalled emotional power.

Nurture: A fluid, sensual duet for two women, representing different facets of one person.

2 Seasons: A dynamic ballet exploring shape and form, responding to the intricacies of Vivaldi’s powerful score.

Ways You Wander: An exploration into the patterns and pathways we wander in search of love. Featuring John Spillane’s heartfelt lyrics and beautifully crafted songs.

Choreography: Judith Sibley and Kerry Biggin
Music: Vivaldi, Justin Ryan, John Spillane
Producer: Paul Hayes

Costumes: Sheelagh Hayes
Stage Manager: Paul Killoran
Lighting Design: Pat O'Reilly

Assistant: Leighton Morrison
Administrator: Sheelagh Hayes

Aisling Cook, Amy Lawson, Jane Magan, Leighton Morrison, Danny Reubens, Andrea Santato, Judith Sibley, Emma Teixeira
Apprentice Dancer: Mary Walsh

2 Seasons



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