Chrysalis Dance Chrysalis Dance

Soul/S - 2008

Soul/S is a mixed programme of six pieces, all solos and duets. Five shorter pieces choreographed by company director Judith Sibley include two world premiers; Sirocco, a pas de deux inspired by the Sahara wind and Conflict, a solo piece emphasising the dilemmas of a contemporary man, with original music by Kevin Brett. The longer piece Nurture is choreographed by British choreographer Kerry Biggin who has worked with Matthew Bourne, Michael Clarke and Matthew Hawkins. This duet for two women is a fluid, sensual piece of work which fuses ballet and contemporary dance. Set to an original score by American composer Justin Ryan, the music cements the idea that both dancers represent different facets of one person.

Soul/S has been commissioned by the Flights of Fancy Festival, Leitrim.

Unlike most arts festivals in an urban area, Flights of Fancy brings the highest quality of professional performing artists into some of the smallest, most unique rural communities.

Dancers: Amy Lawson, Leighton Morrison, Judith Sibley, Emma Teixeira, Mary Walsh




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